Busby’s Mate Chardonnay 75 CL

South Eastern Australia White 100% Chardonnay

Full-flavored Chardonnay.

The Australians, with their likeable, straightforward style, are able to come up with picturesque names that, in an unpretentious way, express the winemaker’s personality, but indeed also the wine’s.

Busby’s Mate Chardonnay is precisely a wine that appeals widely via its full, charming style combined with a resilient fruit. With this spot shot of a wine, you get a complex smell and taste experience, where the freshness is preserved, so that the taste buds do not tire after the first glass. It simply tastes of what we like; one more glass!

The Chardonnay grapes for Busby’s Mate are hand-harvested in various regions of south-western Australia, mainly from Victoria. Parts of the wine are fermented in oak, which adds a subtle, creamy touch to the whole.

Aroma and taste have elements of melon and citrus mixed with a little tropical fruit. The taste is rich with a balanced texture, a little butteriness and a perfectly rounded finish.

Busby’s Mate is an excellent and affordable all-round wine that is suitable for a wide range of stronger dishes with fish and shellfish as well as light meat dishes

Enjoy now and for the next few years, served at approx. 10-13°.

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