Advents-Kalender Graham’s Port 2022

Advent Calendar 2022 – Graham’s Port

Advent calendar consisting of 4x 37.5 cl from the world’s best port wine producer, Grahams.

The advent calendar contains 4 bottles of 37.5 cl. per bottle.
As you know, Christmas is the time for traditions, and as adults there is at least one tradition that many of us look forward to more than the children’s Christmas calendar and cozy time with the in-laws. Namely this year’s port wine calendar. Liquid adult comfort that warms in the cold season.

As we reach the end of September, we will reveal what this year’s port wine Christmas calendar contains. However, there is no doubt that the port wine calendar 2022 is an obvious gift for yourself or someone else whom you want to spoil with a very, very tasty December that will warm the whole cold and gray month.

The port wine calendar is an obvious gift idea for the port wine lover – whether it’s yourself, your husband, boyfriend, wife, colleague, neighbor or someone else you want to spoil. Four bottles of liquid joy of life each 37.5 cl. per bottle, which almost cannot avoid spreading just a little bit of Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas – and then we just look forward to December!

If you want the bottles to be a surprise when you open them, read no further. Because we reveal it here:

Graham’s 10 Year Old Tawny
Dark red with a slight brownish tinge at the edge. The scent has nuances of dried figs, herbs and dark chocolate. The taste is rounded but still with a little bit of tannin.

Graham’s 20 Year Old Tawny
Dark with a golden brown tinge. The taste is rich and bold with lots of dark chocolate and dried cherries.

Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Port
Fantastic full-bodied and delicate wine, produced in the same place as Graham’s Vintage Port, which is why the style is very close to Vintage Port. However, as a result of longer aging in oak barrels, it is somewhat milder. Its fantastically rich, fruity style makes it a distinctive and attractive port.

Graham’s 2017 Late Bottles Vintage
Warming, dark, sweet notes of cherry, a bit of blueberry jam, light spices and small touches of chocolate.

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