The best drink is not yet tasted.

Some questions make us extra happy. “Can you recommend a really good grappa?”, “Do you have any whiskey that is extremely smoky?” and “Which red wine goes well with lamb?” belong to them. Even though we have worked with drinks all our lives, we are convinced that there is so much more to discover. And when our tips make you or someone else try something completely new – then we have succeeded.

Colonial Trade Since 1807

J. S. Rasch Wine and Colonial Trade has an impressive history. As early as 1807, the store opened its doors in central Elsinore, and for more than 200 years, people have flocked here to shop for the good things in life – sometimes the queues have meandered far out on the street. Our own history in the beverage industry is not quite as long, but still extends over two generations.


Jørgen Rubæk Hansen 25/7 1978

Photo: Jørgen Rubæk Hansen 25/7 1978

In the industry since childhood.

In 1971, Pontus’ parents, Eva and Willy, started their first wine and spirits store in Nyhavn, just a couple of hundred meters from the airport boat terminal in Copenhagen. The place was chosen with care and among the customers were many Swedes who after a day of felling on the Danish side wanted to buy something good to take home. Already as a ten-year-old, Pontus entered the beer industry.

I had a big, yellow cart that held ten empty slopes. I pulled it around Nyhavn and collected empty glasses which I then ordered in my mother’s and father’s shop.

Carefully selected wines and home-aged rum

When it came time to start your own for real, the choice fell on Elsinore. Childhood friend Martin joined and when it became possible to take over Rasch’s historic premises, everything fell into place. Today, Rasch is a well-visited store with a range that is both wide and deep. With us you can find everything from carefully selected Italian wines to our home-aged Jamaican rum. You can only buy many of the drinks we sell from us, and you will find a lot of our wines at selected restaurants in Sweden and Denmark.

You are very welcome to shop in our store – here or at Stengade 47 in Elsinore. We promise to do everything we can to exceed your expectations.


Pontus & Martin



Rasch Vin & Spiritus

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